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The ambition of iN-VISION DESIGNS is to solve real-life business problems with digital design & branding. I specialize in crafting a cohesive and compelling message that elevates you in the marketplace. From designing interfaces to running social media campaigns, I serve all your digital needs. 

Your Mission Fuels Me.

No matter what type of business you have, establishing a strong brand identity is key to connecting with your audience and building trust. I understand this connection, and that's why I strive to amplify my clients’ impact with creative solutions that are both practical and beautiful. From branding to web design to marketing, I have a diverse skillset that allows me to approach each new challenge with fresh perspectives and unique insights. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

What I Offer


Web Design

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Featured Clients

I rebranded Tasha W: Messenger of Hope for greater impact online.

My partnership with the social enterprise sparked a strategic new brand identity and innovative web design. Through deep research and carefully considering UX strategy, I provided this brand with a much improved web design, simplifying the user experience to increase engagement amongst key demographics.  

I created a new identity for NDGrow Apparel Co. 

My partnership with this notable ecommerce brand resulted in a comprehensive visual identity that furthers community-led efforts to increase awareness and utilization of naturaropathic services. 

I developed a bold new identity for The Law Office of Regina Guy, PLLC evoking a culture of trustworthiness for minorities seeking legal counsel. 

My research indicated The Law Office of Regina Guy, PLLC had reached an inflection point where they needed to breathe life into their brand strategy. I learned what made this storied social enterprise so beloved and translated that into a modern, inspiration brand identity to carry the brand into the future. 

Tasha W: Messenger of Hope

"Janelle did an amazing job in developing my new website! The overall design exceeded my expectations. So, if you are looking for new innovative marketing strategies for your brand or business definitely check her out."

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