Tasha W: Messenger of Hope


Brand Identity, Logo, 

Web Design

Tasha W: Messenger of Hope is more than a personal brand; it's a millenial-women transformative movement. Tasha W: Messenger of Hope and iN-Vision Designs have worked together for many years to continually evolve the Tasha W: Messenger of Hope's identity and website to accurately translate the brand's mission and purpose for today's modern audience. 

Honoring Tasha W's Story

I helped revitalize the Tasha W: Messenger of Hope's written and visual brand, while continuing to honor the Tasha W: Messenger of Hope's foundation. 

Streamlining Operations

I rethought the user experience and information hierarchy of the sign-up process to work with Tasha W. to reduce unqualified coaching applicants. 

Promoting Features

I helped Tasha W. better highlight the work that the personal brand does using engaging storytelling across the site and by launching a new ecommerce store that helps spread the word that Tasha W. is an international bestselling author and speaker. 

Brand Definition

Defining the brand creates an objective roadmap; a decisional filter for all the organization's future decisions. By checking against this statement, I can quickly see whether any decisions will help or hurt, focus or muddy, purify or modify the brand. 

I started by interviewing Tasha W., reviewing existing research, and combing through Tasha W's past events and speaking engagements to understand the brand's evolution so I could strategize a potential path forward. From there, I collaborated with the Tasha W. to clarify and refine the brand's core messenging, including mission, target audience, and values. 

During the brand attributes exercise, a pattern emerged in the cluster of words. "Welcoming, affirming, and safe spoke to a more secure experience with the brand, while "brave, wholeness, and healing" represented the changes that women encoutered by interacting with the brand. 


Once the creative tone was set, I quickly went to work to capture a new identity system that was reflective of the "Protected Metamorphosis" aestethetic. The logo features a perfect circle, symbolizing unity, wholeness, and continuity. Within the circle, there is a gracefully designed butterfly, representing transformation and metamorphosis. 

Web Design

I extended the brand system onto the web, where the new user interface design elements worked together to highlight the brand's ideals of healing, wholeness, and authenticity.